September 20, 2009

PPOD 9/20/09: Let us do the dirty work

According to published reports, President Obama has sent a message to New York's Accidental Governor that he not run for election next year. As of today, Governor Paterson is vowing to stay in the race, but only time will tell if he's got the fortitude to stick around under this kind of pressure.

Apparently the President is not happy with Paterson, who became our governor because Eliot Spitzer is an idiot. Paterson's poll numbers are down, he's apparently "committed a series of missteps that raised questions about his ability to govern" according the the NY Times article, and there's the whole thing with Kirsten Gillibrand, the woman chosen to replace Hillary Clinton as our junior senator, which angered the White House as they apparently thought there was a better decision to be made on that, some promises not kept, or some kind of offense committed by the Gov.

Regardless of what the White House and President Obama think, determining who gets to sit in the Governor's chair in Albany is a decision that belongs to us here in New York - not people in Washington DC. That they're even thinking of manipulating the race for Governor makes this my PPOD of the day.

Frankly, I want the chance to vote him out of office myself - and I'll be very disappointed if Team Obama deprives me of that opportunity.

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